Our History


img_7039Whether you are a new customer or one that has been frequenting Sassafras for a while, you may not be aware that Sassafras has been in operation since 1992. For the first ten years it was operating out of what is now the Nest, and was owned by a couple from Georgia. It was then purchased by Carolyn Kaden who was an employee at the time and was encouraged to purchase the store. She then moved it to the White Bear Mall where it still operates today. She sold it in 2008 and took a well-deserved retirement. Some of you may remember when it housed Linden’s pharmacy and the little cafe with the round stools at the counter, serving burgers, malts and fries, along with medications, band aids and toilet paper. Today, we are a full service Health Food Store that carries over 3500 products, although “food” isn’t our main product, many of the supplements we sell are made from whole foods.

Sassafras Staff


Paula Comstock


Paula received her education from Global College of Nutritional Medicine and is a board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

I purchased Sassafras in 2007 and have made many additions to the product lines. Education is a large part of what Sassafras is all about, an informed public is a healthy public! Attending  Product classes and keeping up with the new scientific studies  that are a never ending are a must to keep up with the growth of this industry. I have traveled to Canada, Chicago, Florida, New Hampshire and New Zealand to visit facilities that create the nutritional needs of our customers. If we don’t have what you need, we will do the research and find it for you!When I  opened the store I had a goal. I wanted to offer education to customers, the same kind of education I received in my journey of learning about health.The more I learned, the more I realized that what we think we know about health, is way off base and far from the truth. We are lied to manipulated and sold products we see on tv/internet as keys to health. We can help you get through the hype and get on a better path with accurate info about your food supply and supplementation.

Kelli Bornholdt


Kelli is a 2014 graduate of North St. Paul high school. She took nutritional courses at Huntington College of Health Sciences and is involved in all manner of ongoing product information.  She manages the store full time.

Kim Anderson

Sales Associate

Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Merchandising, is a long time resident of White Bear Lake, and is married and has two children.  

Kim’s passion falls into the natural health industry and has many certifications, countless hours of trainings, and classes in homeopathy, herbal, aroma therapy and essential oils, flower essences, enzyme therapy, CBD and many other alternative modalities.  Her motto is to always try to go back to the cause or root of the health problem in order to figure out how to best address the symptoms naturally as well as to never give up; there is a remedy for most everything,  She has loved working for Sassafras for over thirteen years and her goal is to help others back to homeostasis.

Ginger Comstock

Ginger has been on staff since 2012, she keeps the store open on Sundays and fills in for staff as needed. Ginger has 5 children, 4 of them are business owners in White Bear Lake.

Vickie Rein

Computers, carpentry, refrigeration or lighting, Vickie is the one who keeps Sassafras running.